About Us

TEX-21 is a grassroots, national coalition made up of public and private entities that are committed to determining comprehensive solutions to the transportation challenges plaguing our areas.

Historically, cities and counties have competed against one another for limited transportation resources. TEX-21 grants its members a unique opportunity to draw upon one another’s diverse experience and expertise to determine the most effective transportation policy for the entire State. TEX-21 affirms the need for enhanced multimodal systems and transportation policy across our states.

While each region faces its own distinct transportation challenges, TEX-21 members are united in the belief that greater transportation funding levels will help all regions. Congestion, air quality concerns, safety issues, economic development, international trade, and quality of life can all be addressed by showing Legislature that transportation infrastructure deserves focused and heightened attention.

TEX-21 has adopted a deliberative committee process designed to address transportation policy at the most appropriate level of government. Committee members hail from all regions to ensure that a statewide perspective is preserved in all discussion and adoption of resolutions.

TEX-21 is a strong supporter of enhanced multimodal transportation and positions its public and private entity members at the forefront of major state, national, and international transportation issues. This region-wide non-profit organization has grown to include numerous member cities, counties, transit, port, and other transportation authorities, international trade corridors, university and industry leaders. TEX-21 has made notable strides in its existence, quickly becoming recognized as a preeminent voice on transportation policy issues.